Magico Q7 Traded In For Evolution Acoustics MicroOne?

Magico Q7

A Magico Q7 ($185,000.00) owner compared his speakers side by side with the Evolution Acoustics MicroOne loudspeakers ($2500.00) and was so impressed he immediately traded them in for a pair of MMSevens.  He, and the others who heard the comparison, reported that the Evolution Acoustics MicroOnes had better imaging and soundstaging, transparency, clarity and top end extension (more open sounding with greater air). 

Those of you interested on saving $60,000 on a pair of Magico Q7’s, we can get them for you, but we suggest saving $182,500 and buying a pair of the Evolution Acoustics MicroOnes. Not only will you save all that money, but you will have better sound!